Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I was having a solemn yet rosy mood on 15th december 2010, when i penned down this poem. My second hindi poem is before you readers for perusal. :)-
 kayi taare pahunch k bahar hote hain..

jaise ankho mein sapne hazar hote hain.

na pahunch saken bhala hum un tak..
maza lia ja sakta hai sath ka ek hadd tak.

khade ho hum raat k asman k niche..
bahen failaye aur ankho ko meenche.

jo roshni ati hai hum tak hazaro sal par kar k..
usko mehsus karen gehre tak se,

hum na pahunch payen waha beshaq
wo ayi hai humse milne yahan tak.

is soch ko ehsas me badal kar khush ho le
ise he sach man kar un palo ko jee le,

shyad yahi toh khushi hai yahi to sukun hai..
jo nahi milta wahin dekhte rehna he humari kami hai. :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My first and ofcourse,naive attempt of writing a poem- "Oh! to be a champ" :)

I wrote it when i was in class 11th. Year 2004. Apparently it relates to sports,but it also holds a meaning if seen from perspective of life.  Thanks Naaz Mam :)..

what a great pride to be a sportsman,
sweating to annex all records.
this is the zeal of a champion,
but it happens only when mind n body accords.

what a sheer fascination to face new challenge,
to enter the field in gaudy pomp,
n play with immense zeal n energy,
a bloodless battle to knock out other champ.

who says "games r all abt breaking bones"..??
indeed they break life's monotonous tone.
bashful r those who merely stare,
so as to b a champ they cannot dare.

people so enthusiastic r very rare,
for fulfillment of dreams work hard n all pains who bear,
these r the people who doesnt find,
idle sneers to b a matter of care.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

~machine v/s woman~

 Was once having a chit chat with an erudite. He was pondering over buying a washing machine. Our talk got a twist and we went into discussing whether a washing machine{or for that matter any machine} is better or a woman?..Yes in a way the topic  became machine v/s woman..i said something that made him astounded and he admired it greatly..neither i will ever forget those words nor i will ever forget what i said. All that got deeply etched in my memory somewhere. Sharing that small piece here-

A machine never gives its own insightful views on anything. With a machine you can't explore new ways beyond a limit,as the input from a machine has boundaries. No matter how much you admire a machine's body,beauty and efficiency,it would never tickle back,show up gleaming eyes and curvy lips to say Oh! sweetheart n finally plant a kiss on your forehead.............The endless possibilities that emotions administer in a woman cant be even minimally mimcked by a machine....... :)............

dated-30th october 2010

Saturday, January 8, 2011

~a journey~

There are times in life when u meet someone who becomes your company in journey of depends how long the companionship goes. But the memories of that association is preserved somewhere deep in some corner of your heart.

This creation is all about this very notion. A girl meets a boy and they travel for sometime together. They were not lovers in traditional sense of the term,but they had a very strong chemistry. Chemistry which melted the barriers of time and made them so close to each other that they were able to explore beyond social veils. Every moment they spent together was filled with various shades of their chemistry....a chemistry that u find rarely between two individuals..a chemistry that could have given rise to a perfect couple if taken on the level of final togetherness.........

Here is that girl,voicing her soul :)- 

Those were roads i never wanted to walk on,
but your company drew me there.
those are there now in my memory town,
but u aren't with me here.

We walked together so gladly,
 long way was traveled in such short time.
sometimes sadly and sometimes madly,
i never knew our journey would be so sublime.

yes there were hiccups and there were hurdles,
emotions saw its sunrise n sunsets.
but i found ur embrace as haven to cuddle,
and your warmth a constant asset.

We knew well that we were not lovers,
or any of those well defined relations.
but something was there that took off worldly covers,
i saw you n you saw me beyond those definitions.

There was no love but there was something,
ah! yes we called it our chemistry.
frequencies matched and so our thinking,
was that fling just meant to b part of history?

we together were sometimes tamed n sometimes wild,
sometimes abated and sometimes like a flying kite.
passion was much and emotions were there though mild
we just traveled without heeding whether that way was right.

we took risk which was not in any way small,
made impossible possible and celebrated.
together we broke some prohibited walls,
some desires though waited to be liberated.

But time is cruel time is the master,
never thought it would end abruptly.
needs are diffrent and thats the real monster,
we would part masking the truths with civility.

I don't know how the journey was for you,
to me it would be something always close to soul.
would never forget the first one to catch my dew,
i would never forget those diffrent roles.

just wanna say,i wish in life u go much ahead,
to destination u choose and the way b also yours.
but in some corner please preserve what we had,
please remember how we used to do soul cure

May be u have moved so far to reach your cliff
where those moist imprints on sands of time doesn't matter.
but do ever look back in your life,
some pieces of a heart u will see scattered.